[Ubuntu] “not a com 32R image” boot error

A new LTS is here and it’s the season for upgrades.

I downloaded Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop 64-bit and wanted to give it a try. First thing I would normally do is installing it on a virtual machine. So I could install software, customize, shake it, break it and feel how it works.

Next thing is preparing a startup USB stick (I don’t use DVDs) and booting up my laptop to test it. And here I kept getting this error when booting up.

Missing parameter in configuration file. Keyword: path
GFX BOOT.c32: not a com 32R image

And, finally I got it after a bit of trial and error. If I create the startup disk from the VM, this error doesn’t occur and it boots up the machine.


The culprit I suspect here is BIOS. For years I’ve had enabled the BIOS compatible legacy boot mode on top of UEFI in my laptop.

If I create the startup USB stick through the currently installed Ubuntu on my laptop, Startup Disk Creator thinks my computer boots with UEFI, so it prepares the USB stick to be booted up with UEFI.

If I create the startup disk using the VM which is BIOS (by directly presenting the USB stick to VM), Startup Disk Creator does it the way it is supposed to do in a BIOS environment.

That’s my hypothesis. I don’t have a conclusion yet, but if you use legacy boot options in your computer’s startup settings, create Ubuntu startup USB stick using a computer that has true BIOS. Or, switch to UEFI booting for good.

Got anything to add?

[Ubuntu] “not a com 32R image” boot error

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