Be your own boss BS

Recently I saw a funny YouTube ad. Actually two of them. That made both of them look funny.

Two consecutive ads from two multilevel marketing persons from the same scheme! Two people competing each other telling me the same yada yada. Each person was trying their best to convince the viewer to visit own website.

Funny thing is, I saw these ads when I opened a scambaiting video. Multilevel marketing is also a scam in my opinion.

They sell a dream. An overpriced dream which in the beginning looks reasonable.

Even though you ‘become your own boss’ and take your laptop to a nice beach (as they show in their videos), are you? As long as you sell other people’s stuff, you are not the boss. Customer is the boss. You work for the customer. You beg potential customers to click your affiliate links.

If you want to be your own boss, you have to grow your own crops and be self-sufficient. And then you must become less materialistic so you don’t have to chase money.

Don’t follow those pyramid schemes. At one point, you will end up desperately making social media ads to lure more people into it.

Be your own boss BS

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