Create a ‘Locked Folder’ in Windows

Here is a tip for those who use Windows as their primary OS. This is about making a folder that is visible but not accessible within Windows environment. You’ll see the folder, but won’t be able to access it or delete/ rename.
What you need is a Linux live CD which has ntfs-3g driver included (preferrabally Ubuntu). Start the computer with Linux and open the NTFS partition and browse to the folder where you want to create the ‘Locked Folder’. Create a new folder and rename it to any of following names. It will be accessible with Linux but not with Windows.

  • prn (recommended for your hidden porn collection 😀 )
  • nul
  • con

Now restart to Windows and see it’s done!

Create a ‘Locked Folder’ in Windows

Windows 7 සහ ලිනක්ස්

I’ve just watched a Windows 7 screencast… OMG!

වින්දොරේ හතේ දැන් කොන්පිගරේසොං වැඩියි… සෙටප් කරගන්න අමාරු වගේ…

උබුන්ටු කොච්චර සිම්පල්ද? මින්ට් ඊ‍ටත් වඩා කූල්….

ෆෙදොරේ වලත් කොන්පිගරේසොං ටිකක් අමාරු වුනාට වින්දොරේ සෙවොං තරං අමාරු නෑ මයෙ හිතේ….

Windows 7 සහ ලිනක්ස්