[Linux] What if /etc/hosts edits do not work as expected?

Today, I encountered a problem when the edits I made to ‘/etc/hosts’ file on a Linux box didn’t work as expected.

In the /etc/hosts file I added the following line, shaakunthala.com

And to test, issued the following command,

$ ping shaakunthala.com

And the result was,

PING shaakunthala.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.

That’s not the IP address I wanted to temporarily set it to. So I looked up the Internet and various sources gave me the following firsthand solution.

# /etc/init.d/nscd restart

Restart the name service cache daemon. Similar to the ‘ipconfig/flushdns’ thing you would do on a Windows box.

And it worked!


Blogger Custom Domain and SLTnet

I have noticed that Google blogger blogs are not accessible with SLTnet if they are configured to use custom domain. For example, http://blog.shaakunthala.com is not accessible with SLTnet at the moment.

This is not due to a misconfiguration of DNS, but a technical failure of SLTnet.

By default, http://ghs.google.com:80 should provide a ‘Not Found’ page. But with SLTnet connections, you’ll see a browser error like, ‘Unable to Connect’. This is the issue.
I have already informed SLTnet about this issue and waiting for their reply, and I’m writing this small note for bloggers, by the meantime do not mess up your DNS configuration.