Blogger Custom Domain and SLTnet

I have noticed that Google blogger blogs are not accessible with SLTnet if they are configured to use custom domain. For example, is not accessible with SLTnet at the moment.

This is not due to a misconfiguration of DNS, but a technical failure of SLTnet.

By default, should provide a ‘Not Found’ page. But with SLTnet connections, you’ll see a browser error like, ‘Unable to Connect’. This is the issue.
I have already informed SLTnet about this issue and waiting for their reply, and I’m writing this small note for bloggers, by the meantime do not mess up your DNS configuration.


Important Notice on Aunthenticity

I do hereby state that this moment onwards I may not be posting any comments on websites/ blogs that do not support OpenID authentication. In case of any exception, I may post a separate note on this blog ( or tweet it at confirming the legitimacy of the particular comment.

The following comment is NOT written by me.

I may use the following URLs as my OpenID.

I may use the following Blogger Profile when commenting on Google Blogger sites.

Thank you for your understanding.

Sameera Shaakunthala