Why should you see a doc

Recently I encountered a little accident and thought I should keep this little note written somewhere. We, Sri Lankan are usually reluctant to go for medical advice when damage appears to be small. “Ah.. it’s nothing. It’ll heal.”, is it? We get most of our medical expenses covered by the government, and for these little things we are less likely to spend a night or two at hospital.

As soon I encountered the scene I rushed to the hospital because I was afraid of serious internal damage to my hand, though the wound looked like just a deep puncture and swelling caused by it. Even few people told me there’s nothing to be afraid of. X-ray was taken and doctors concluded no tendon damage (they took X-ray for a reason, isn’t it?). An overnight hospital stay for free!

Before I am discharged from the hospital I met another man who came to visit a patient. His piece gave me the motivation to write this little note. When he clench his hand, little finger (pinky) stops halfway. It won’t clench unless external force is applied, and when released it will pop back to the previous position as if it was spring loaded.

“What happened?”

“Couple of years ago two of my fingers were accidentally cut by a knife. I went to the local hospital. Doctors wanted to transfer me to base hospital. I refused and told them this is just a minor wound, so basic treatments will do.”

After arguing with doctors, the man had discharged at will. And sustained permanent dysfunction of his little finger. A stupid trade-off when you get everything for free.

If you encounter a physical injury despite of its seriousness appearing to you from outside, see a doctor. Give them as much as information, not instructions.

Why should you see a doc

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