Wunderlist for Ubuntu

Wunderlist killed its app for Ubuntu long time back.

And then it was bought by Microsoft, so I hardly think there will be a Linux app ever again. For a long time I didn’t use Wunderlist, but I thought of giving it a try once again. I figured out that pinning Wunderlist tab on Firefox works to some extent.

Today I was installing new software on my new Ubuntu installation, and figured out Atlassian HipChat is now ‘hipchat4’. The new hipchat4 is not the same as old app, but just the web app launched in a lightweight web browser. It’s the same way that Amazon app works (I’d love to use it but they don’t ship to Sri Lanka 😦 ). Can’t this also be working for Wunderlist?

So here’s what I did:

$ gedit ~/.local/share/applications/wunderlist.desktop

And here’s the file contents (in fact, I copied this from an existing .desktop file and changed several lines 😉 ).

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Wunderlist Task Management Tool
Exec=webapp-container --enable-media-hub-audio "https://www.wunderlist.com/webapp#/lists/today" --maximized

Find a Wunderlist icon and a screenshot using Google image search, and copy them to /opt/wunderlist.

$ sudo mkdir /opt/wunderlist
$ sudo mv icon.png screenshot.png /opt/wunderlist/

Hit Super Key and type Wunderlist (perhaps you may need to log out and log in again to make it appear for the first time). Launch Wunderlist and log in. Right click the Wunderlist icon on Unity launcher and click ‘Lock to Launcher’.

That’s it!

Desktop notifications and audible bell are also working, but file upload isn’t working with this.

Wunderlist for Ubuntu

3 thoughts on “Wunderlist for Ubuntu

  1. Nice Tutorial! Simply creating the .desktop-file didn’t do the trick for me, but one can use desktop-file-validate [FILE] (to validate the .desktop file) and sudo desktop-file-install [FILE] to install it. That worked for me! Greetings

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