I’m back!

September was of course not a good time for me. After finishing my internship I was expecting to write some damn good blog articles, but fate was against me this time. 😦

Early in the last month our home router seemed to be malfunctioning. We handed it over to claim the warranties, and till then no Internet… I almost felt like a woodcutter lost his ax. Today we got it back and now everything works very well! 🙂

But, during last three weeks,

  • I missed few career opportunities. 😦 😦 😦
  • I was not able to talk to my friend overseas (to whom I help to do a telecommunication project).
  • I was not able to visit my favorite social media sites.
  • I was not able to continuously stay in touch with SBU.

And now… when reading and reading stuff that I’ve missed during past weeks,

Feel like I belong to history!

However, I’m back! 🙂

I’m back!

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