LAMPP, what happened?

Yesterday evening I and one of my friends were testing a software project. It is a web application and he has tested it with XAMPP on Winows. He wanted to try it out on Apache/ Linux too. So he came to me (I’m a one of famous Linux-only guy around the campus 😉 ) and asked me to help.

I have a dual boot system with both Fedora 11 and Ubuntu 9.04 installed. First I put everything in LAMPP (on Ubuntu) and tested.

Yes, we’ve found some bugs with character case issues plus one fatal error with the TCPDF module when generating PDFs. The problem was with memory allocation and as the browser showed it was an error in tcpdf/unicode_data.php.

Then I put everything in Apache which came by default with Fedora DVD, and tested. Viola! The PDF generation problem was not there!!

I’m still wandering how it could be… same Apache-PHP-MySQL.

Anybody have an idea of what’s the problem here?

LAMPP, what happened?

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