Videos Suck!

These days I’m preparing to switch to Linux. I’m gonna reformat my hard drive in ext-4. So I have to backup all my files.. but ohh shit! Useless videos everywhere — eaten REALLY a LOT of disk space! Now I’m looking for each of them and removing unnecessary. Today, I earned ten gigabytes of free space with that and going on.

What has happened is, in my childish days, I’ve been collecting funny videos. But, those videos are no longer gonna be funny 😀 . All look like too childish and too foolish. Anyway, wich my good luck with my ‘swiching to linux’ stuff!

Videos Suck!

2 thoughts on “Videos Suck!

  1. chathuraw says:

    Are you sure switching to ext4 this soon is a good idea. As I’ve heard it causes a few data losses now and then.

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